This two-storey house is located in Dafni area of the Municipality of Haidari.

The new residence is obtained by adding a two floors extension in existing ground floor building. Is connected by an independent staircase with the ground level. In the last building level a monoclinic roof is formed to create the appearance of a single house and to ensure alignment with the natural environment.

The two levels of the maisonette separated functionally as the first level hosts ‘everyday’ activities while the second level sleeping rooms. At both levels are formed large terraces and balconies able to accommodate all the summer activities as well as the E/M equipment, while being a natural connection of the interior with the surrounding garden.

To construct the structure of the building was chosen the solution of structural steel combined with blocks of aerated concrete (ytong blocks). This solution was thought as ideal for cases of extenisions to existing “old” buildings like our case, because helps ensure excellent seismic behavior without apparent need to strengthen the underlying floor due to the very low weight of these elements. At the same time is one of the most modern methods of construction, with an increased benefit in the planning and timing without additional costs.

For heating and cooling was chosen the solution of the central air conditioning. The central air-conditioning along with the large insulating windows that are distributed throughout the building, ensure ideal day-lighting conditions and ventilation.

3NK Consulting Engineers is responsible for the design and construction of the building.