The project objective was to reconstruct a residence with two levels of basement and roof area in Kareas Attica, in a plot of 250 sq.m.

The region ‘Kareas’ of Vyronas is a product of the building boom in the metropolitan area of ​​Athens in the 1990′s. Starting from the hills of Hymettus mountain and ending essentially in the woods, it offers a priceless view of the basin.

The object of this project was to utilize an abandoned building (completion phase of the concrete structure). The property following the natural topography of the area on three levels with the axis of the building to be located alongside the very steep slope of the land. Originally designed at an earlier time compared to the other buildings in the area respects the environment and does not affect the character of the forest area.

Design and construction challenge. Alignment of the building in a contrasting landscape was just one of the design features. The efficient use of space in an existing building to meet a new users needs is always a very challenging task. Moreover, the design of modern operating electromechanical installations that contribute to energy efficiency, upgrading the building and serve all the demands of modern life make up the design process challenging.

The construction, as well, was a complex and demanding process. The reinforcement of the concrete structure, which for years was exposed to corrosion, weather was only the first peculiarity that should be addressed during the project execution. The steep slope of the land did, mostly, ban the use of machinery and the human factor was for most tasks critical.

Stone, marble, granite, wood, glass, aluminum, create internal and external coatings and building harmony in the best possible manner both among themselves and with the environment.

Modern materials, new techniques, equipment, cutting edge technology, quality, consistency and taste all combined in the best possible way to transform customer requirements into reality.