The project objective was the external renovation and enhancement of the cultural center “Villa Stella” in the Municipality of N. Iraklion, Attica. Near the city center, with a strong element of trees in the surroundings of the two-storey landmark building is a real gem. Acting as a base for marginal groups in the past decades, the then derelict listed aspires recent years become cultural projection symbol. As part of the significant effort made by the municipality in recent years was the external renovation of the building to illustrate the special aesthetic aspects. The work included a full restoration of all exterior (coatings, colors, frames, investment materials), the aesthetic improvement of the surroundings as well as minor maintenance and upgrading of the interior of the building. The example of “Villa Stella” is one of the few, exploiting the most valuable and rare architectural heritage. 3NK Consulting Engineers is proud to be able to contribute to the upgrading of such a building.